Where is my Home?

Where is my Home?

Our firefly friends are disappearing … Many of us have wonderful childhood memories of catching fireflies on warm summer evenings.

They lit up our backyards like a fireworks display and left us laughing with delight. There were so many fireflies gently gliding through the darkness, it was easy to catch them in glass jars and watch their lights magically blinking on and then off again before we let them go.

Our children and grandchildren may not experience the magic and wonder of fireflies because they are disappearing from fields, lakes, marshes and forests all over the United States and around the world. If we don’t do something to protect them, they may be gone forever.

Researchers think that over development and light pollution are two main reasons for the decline in firefly populations. All fireflies, both male and female, flash their lights to communicate, attract mates, defend their territory and warn off predators. At night, light pollution from apartments, strip malls, housing developments and commercial buildings makes it difficult for fireflies to signal each other during mating season so fewer are born each year.

We can help the fireflies by turning off outside lights at night. By doing this, they will be able to signal each other with flashes in the darkness and find mates to increase their populations. Over time, this simple act will help firefly populations across our country and the world to recover and allow future generations to experience the joy of fireflies, just as we did.

To learn more about fireflies and light pollution, including ways to help your local community reduce the lighting it uses at night, visit FireFly.org, DarkSky.org and DarkSkyInitiative.org. We can save our dark skies and our fireflies so future generations can enjoy them!

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“A delightful and charming story about the importance our dark skies have on the survival of nature’s bio-luminescent wonders – the fireflies. By limiting the light pollution in our own backyards, we can do our part to keep fireflies surviving for years to come – for the enjoyment of children and adults alike. We can find our way in the dark with our firefly friends!

“I recommend this book to children of all ages wanting to learn more about fireflies and how to protect their environment – starting with basic lessons on protecting their habitat and turning off outside lights so fireflies can see each other at night.”

Founder, firefly.org


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