The Treehouse Adventure

The Treehouse Adventure is the second story in a series about siblings, James and Janine, and how a boring afternoon at their uncle’s farm turns into a day they will never forget. Along the way, they learn a valuable lesson; to always admit your mistakes and say you’re sorry.

Like the first book in the series, The Furnace Room, it was written to be “fun scary”; enough to draw-in the reader in the 4-8 year old age range without scaring the younger readers unnecessarily. Parents and children will enjoy the fast pace of The Treehouse Adventure, the detailed illustrations and a positive message at the end.


“Young readers will be excited to follow the adventures of siblings, James and Janine, in The Treehouse Adventure; the sequel to The Furnace Room by D.M.Jack and Christopher Brown.
James and Janine find themselves in a predicament on their uncle’s farm in this face-paced journey. They learn a valuable lesson in life – sometimes it’s hard to tell the truth but it’s the right thing to do.”
–MICHELLE STAUBACH GRIMES, Literacy Champion and author of “Where is Pidge?”


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